Project Proposal

What story or character(s) will you portray with your project?

-a person who is kicked out of their house and becomes homeless

How will the environment contribute to the image? Where will you need to go?

-the environment will mainly take place at a train station i live by

What props or costumes will you use?

-that is a surprise, i don’t want to raise your expectations

Who will you photograph? What will their body language portray?

-technically it will be me but you wont be able to tell. and i will put the camera on a timer so i am still technically be taking the photo

Will you need to sign out a camera to take photos outside of class?

-no i have the class camera you gave me

Shot list (description of each planned photo) & thumbnail sketches for your 10 photos.

  1. person is kicked out
  2. photo from behind leaving with their stuff
  3. person climbing gate
  4. far shot of person walking
  5. person sleeping with their sign
  6. person pours out coins they’ve gotten
  7. person on train
  8. person eating cheap food
  9.   ??
  10. person ends up coming back home; holding sign, on knees

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